Second International Conference «ATD: Variations»

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In the framework of V Saint-Petersburg International Cultural Forum

Saint-Petersburg State University

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Other Logics of Writing II

Arkady Trofimovich Dragomoshchenko at 70

24-25 November 2016

Saint-Petersburg, Galernaya St, 58-60, Bobrinsky Palace


Second International Conference ATD: Variations


The programme of the Second International Conference on the work of Arkady Dragomoshchenko will be organised around the phenomenon of variation. What is variation for Dragomoshchenko’s poetry and, in broader terms, for literature and language? Is it the alliterative principle of poetic construction? Is it serial writing that dissolves individual creativity in analytical language practices? Is it re-iteration as the perpetual engine of unconscious thinking? A mechanism that forms the literary tradition?

The task of the conference ATD: Variations is to encourage a dialogue between poetry, metaphysics, philosophy of language and psychoanalysis. We deem it important to construct a hermeneutic perspective for understanding contemporary poetic practices, to develop a language of their description and to ponder the place of knowledge in today’s poetic space.


Thursday, November 24, 2016 (room 152)

Moderators: Nina Savchenkova, Evgeny Pavlov

First Plenary Session

10.00 Conference Opening

Zinaida Dragomoshchenko`s Welcome Speech

Archival Video Recordings of ATD

10.30–11.30 Barrett Watten (Michigan, Detroit, Professor of English at Wayne State University, poet)
The Expanded Object of the Transnational Field; or, What Is a Poet/Critic?

11.30–12.00 Tour of the Bobrinsky Palace

12.00–12.30 Break

12.30–13.00 Nina Savchenkova (SPbU, PhD (Doctor) in Philosophy, Professor)
The function of poetry and philosophical hybris: the problem of interdependence

13.00–13.45 Anna Glazova (Hamburg, PhD in Philology, poet, translator)
“Tautology”: repetition and variation in ATD`s poetry and after

13.45–14.30 Evgeny Pavlov (New Zealand, University of Canterbury, PhD, Associate Professor Department of Global, Cultural and Language Studies)
Kingfishers Revisited: Reading Dragomoshchenko Reading Olson

14.30–15.30 Lunch

Second Plenary Session

15.30–16.00 Aleksander Ulanov (Samara National Research University, PhD (Doctor) in Technical Sciences, poet, critic)
Variability as an opportunity and freedom

16.00–16.30 Dennis Ioffe (Netherlands, University of Amsterdam, Ghent University, PhD, University Lecturer and Research Fellow)
Debating Dragomoshchenko’s Buddhist views and attitudes

16.30–17.00 Dmitry Golynko (St.Petersburg State University of Film and TV Studies, PhD, associate professor).
Arkadii Dragomoshchenko’s “Xenia” and Resa Negarestani’s “Xenopoetics”: the poetics of distorted objects and the anonymous materiality of the poetic image.

17.00–17.15 Break (room 154)

17.15–18.00 Presentation of the poetry collection of ATD “Handwriting”, Publishing House “Limbus Press”

19.30 A meeting with the writer Margarita Meklina (with participation of Maya Elliott) in the book store and cultural platform “Word Order” (Fontanka, 15).

A meeting with the writer Margarita Meklina (with participation of Maya Elliott) in the book store and cultural platform “Word Order” (Fontanka, 15).

Margarita Meklina is the laureate of the Andrei Bely Prize (2003) and member of the jury of the Andrei Bely Prize (2016), winner of the «The Russian Prize» (2008) and the international literary award «The Franc-tireur Silver Bullet» (for the book «Year for the right to communicate,» written collaboratively with Arkadii Dragomoshchenko), finalist for the «NOS» Annual Literature Prize (2014), «Nonconformism-2013″ and «Nonconformism-2016″.

Her prose is heard in the music by Maya Elliott, an improvisator, compositor, pianist and former member of the British underground group «Current 93». A concert pianist by education, Miss Elliott participated in the musical interpretation of Antonen Arto’s work and accompanied famous singers such as Mark Almond and Anohni who is a lead singer in the group «Anthony and the Johnsons».


Friday, November 25, 2016 (room 152)

First Plenary Session

Moderators: Aleksander Pogrebnyak, Sergey Fokin

11.00–11.15 Archival Video Recordings of ATD

11.15–12.00 Willem Weststeijn (Netherlands, University of Amsterdam, Professor)
Poetry and Life. The Case of Dragomoshchenko

12.00–12.30 Sergey Fokin (SPbU, PhD (Doctor) in Philology, Professor)
Analogies of thought, logics of sense, tautologies of absurd (poetry as an event)

12.30–13.00 Break

13.00–13.30 Vladimir Feshchenko (Moscow, Institute of Linguistics, PhD (Candidate) in Philology, Senior Research Fellow)
Arkady Dragomoshchenko and the tradition of objectivist writing

13.30–14.00 Aleksander Pogrebnyak (SPbU, PhD (Candidate) in Economic Sciences, associate professor)
Dragomoshchenko and Gogol

14.00–15.30 Lunch

Second Plenary Session

15.30–16.00 Aleksander Samoilov (St.Petersburg, poet)
Culturological resource of Arkady Dragomoshchenko`s works

16.00–16.30 Vladimir Aristov (Moscow, PhD (Doctor) in Physics and Mathematics, head of the Computing center sector of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, poet)
ATD and the variation poetry of diverse

16.30–17.00 Kirill Korchagin (Moscow, Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, critic, editor of NLO journal)
“Seed-Bud of Things Grows from Time’s Counter-Flow”: Temporality and Its Source in ATD’s Poetry

17.00–17.45 Margarita Meklina (Dublin, writer) and Maya Elliott (Dublin, musician)
The epistolary element in the works of Arkady Dragomoshchenko. A study in a literary and instrumental genre

18.00 – Great poetry readings with the participation of : Vladimir Aristov, Aleksander Skidan, Anna Glazova, Nikita Safonov, Sergey Zavyalov, Elena Kostilyova, Aleksandra Tsibulya, Dmitry Golinko, Nikolaj Kononov, Kirill Korchagin, Andrey Cherkasov, Nikita Sungatov, Yaroslava Zaharova, Sergey Sdobnov, Dmitry Gerchikov, Vlad Gagin, Stanislava Mogilyova, Nastya Denisova, Galina Rimbu, Konstantin Shavlovsky etc.


Second International Conference “ATD: Variations” closing and opening of the third season of the ATD Award.

The Organizing Committee of the Conference: Nina Savchenkova, Evgeny Pavlov, Elena Dolgikh.

Special thanks to SPbU master’s student Victoria Antonova for her help in conference preparations.